Starting my HTML journey (again)

The first brush I had with HTML was when I was in Secondary 1, where for one term (? I think it was one term), we started picking up HTML and programming simple (yes, very simple pages) to introduce something that interested us.

At that point, the one game that I was completely obsessed with was Final Fantasy VIII (yes I agree VII was better, but VIII was just released in 2000 and we were buzzing with anticipation at that time) and so my page was a FFVIII shrine (cough cough).

It was really fun learning things and seeing your notepad-mashing turn into a fantastic page. At that impressionable age, we were obsessed with pages that had marquees (LOOK AT ME! FINAL FANTASY!!!!!) and 1001 colours.

Pity though, we never really followed up much after that course. I dabbled in html here and there, tweaking blogs and I explored the various blogging platforms on (1) diary-x (2) diaryland (3) blogger and (4) livejournal.

Those were the great days when a little magical copy and paste got you a fabulous blogger template.

Then school and exams got in the way….and I never quite fiddled with HTML as much as I did in my younger days ):

————————————BUT ALL IS NOT LOST!————————————

Because here I am again, more than a decade later, picking it up again. So stay tuned as I share about my HTML/CSS adventures.

Because it’s never too late to pick it up again! ^_^

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