Evernote Singapore User Group Meetup this week!

Evernote SG

Evernote SG

So a couple of us are starting the Evernote Community in Singapore.

I know I’m sounding like some crazy fangirl here but I really adore Evernote!

I was introduced to Evernote by the husband in 2009. Goodness that was QUITE a while back. I must admit that I didn’t start using it seriously until I realised that it was pretty troublesome carrying so many documents around and even losing them when I traveled for work.

Another thing I found it very useful was for taking down beautiful and insightful ideas, paragraphs and descriptions in the books I read.

And what about the nth Fast Company article or HBR article that I read? I used to bookmark them, but articles sometimes were locked after a period of time, or  links got changed, websites went down….it’s a pity. So webclipping helped, and my Evernote account’s a treasure trove of the articles I’ve read and decided to keep for future reference.

I figure that I’m probably not even using Evernote to its full potential, and people are using it for amazing stuff like keeping detailed records of their fitness, their diets, even for storing extensive information with regards to their work. And there’s so many Evernote hacks nowadays that I don’t even know where to start.

It’s been a long way coming but an event where Evernoters in Singapore could come together and exchange stories would be awesome.

A few of us came together one day over dinner and we decided to just to that.


The Evernote SG meetup is going to be this Friday (30th March) at Plug-In@Blk71, 7.30pm! 

Awesome people are going to be there to speak about their experiences with Evernote, Troy Malone from Evernote is going to be in town and we’ve also gotten some Evernote swag to give out. We’ll also provide food and drinks to get the session going.


7.30pm – Registration

7.45pm – Welcome by the Evernote SG Fan Boy

7.55pm – Sharing by Troy Malone and Q&A session

8.30pm – Sharing by Evernote Enthusiasts and Q&A session

9.00pm – Mix around with the Evernoters

Post-event – Off to Good Beer SG for some good beer and good conversations.

Do sign-up as priority will be given to those with tickets, and we wanna make sure that’s enough food to go around! 

Sign up here – http://evernotesg.eventbrite.com/


Evernote helps you remember everything.

We’ve started the Evernote Singapore Community Page for all the Evernote Users who are keen to swap stories, share ideas, and have a great time.

Like us and follow us at the following for regular updates:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvernoteSG

Twitter: @EvernoteSG

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