Evernote Tips: Clipping Web Articles to Evernote on Tablets/Smartphones

I’ve been telling my friends about Evernote and they’ve been asking a few questions about some of the basic things Evernote can do, besides…well…taking notes.

So from a totally normal user’s perspective (I’m not geeky actually, I wish I am, but I’m just like you and me ^^), I’ll try to write more entries on some quick little tweaks to make your Evernote experience a little easier. I’m not exactly the most tech-savvy person around (far from it) so I’ll be sharing it in a very straightforward manner. Let me know if you’ve discovered that I missed out anything or if I could explain things a lil better!

[Disclaimer: I’m an iPhone/iPad user!]

Clipping web articles to Evernote on your tablet or smartphone. 

I love love love the Evernote web clipper. It’s easily one of the most-clicked icons on my browser. However, when I’m surfing on my iPhone/iPad, the one teeny problem is that it doesn’t work in that Safari browser.

#1 Workaround – Evernote Web Clipper bookmarklet

One of the workarounds I used to use was a bookmarklet which installed the Web Clipper as a bookmark and clipped your articles to your default Evernote notebook. It was clunky and very very slow, and I hated it.

There’s a far better workaround that I discovered with the new iOS5 update.

#2 Workaround – Safari Reader + Emailing to Evernote [Personally preferred method]

With the Apple Safari Reader (sample image below), you can read articles off the web without all the ads and other unnecessary clutter. It also helps you to focus on the core content you want to clip.

Safari Reader

Safari Reader (Image courtesy of Apple)

After you have chosen the reader option, you can choose to email it to Evernote. Every Evernote account comes with an Evernote email address. You can locate it under your account settings.

So once you email it to Evernote, it will be stored in the notebook for future reference.

An additional tip: Specify exactly where you want your article to go.

When I sent my first article, Evernote was nice to email me an Evernote tip on emailing to notebooks!

Evernote Tip: Sending Email into Evernote
You just emailed a note into your Evernote account. Well done!

Here’s a tip: you can send notes into specific notebooks and assign tags by adding some simple information into the subject of the email. Here’s how:

Notebook: Add @[notebook name] to the end of the subject line.
Tag: Add #[tag name] at the end of the subject line. This feature works with existing tags in your account.
Be sure to follow this order: subject, notebook name, tags.

Example subject line:
Fwd: Recipe for Bouillabaisse @Recipes #soup #fish #french
– The Evernote team


Kinda cool huh.

Do comment if you’ve better workarounds!

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