Evernote SG Devcup Meetup Notes

Evernote SG Devcup Meetup 8th May 2012

Evernote SG Devcup Meetup 8th May 2012

It was an awesome Devcup meetup yesterday and I took some notes (well furious tweet-style quick notes) to remember some of the awesome apps that Troy from Evernote introduced.

Pretty inspiring and interesting ones out there too.

So here’s a recap of last night’s session, pardon the rambling bits at times! ^^

Troy started off the session with establishing Evernote baselines, checked that folks actually understood what Evernote is ^^

“Anything you want to remember, text, voice, picture etc in your memories can be stored. The problem is finding them again.” Evernote aims to become your second brain, and its search filter will help you to search through your memories.

Devcup Introduction

“Why Devcup? Evernote is looking for people who can make their products better and good app ideas that can dovetail with Evernote!”

In fact, as Troy explained, Evernote is more than just sync’d notes, but a platform that will help you to discover new ways to remember everything.

Introduction of killer trunk apps

Some trunk apps Troy introduced include:

Expensify– Expensify does expense reports. How it does it is by importing expenses and receipts straight from your credit card, submitting PDF expense reports by email and even reimbursement. There were some in the audience that used Expensify, but we know that the full power of Expensify can’t quite be unleashed in Singapore because we don’t have bank tie-ups here. Expensify is still pretty US-centric, anyone thinking of creating one for this regions? ^^;

ColorStache – Colorstache offers a new way for Evernote users to browse and search their notes: by color. This is especially useful for people who don’t organize their notes but want to use them to get fresh ideas and design inspiration.

I’ve not heard of ColorStache before. It’s a pretty interesting way to explore Evernote using color. It’s hard to tag colours (imagine trying to describe fifty shades of pink and tag em) and with ColorStache, you can just click on the colour wheel to browse your notes.

Especially awesome for those who use Evernote to store tons of images for design and fashion inspiration. Troy shared that it was great for fashion ideas and the ColorStache team approached Evernote with a fresh lens and thought of ways to use Evernote and search Evernote which the team had never even thought of.

FastEver Snap – FastEver Snap was an app created in Japan and it has the ability to create new photo notes in 2 taps! Great for image note-taking. urning on the app quickly brings up the shooting screen. Photos can be resized to XGA(1024 × 768) or VGA (640 × 480) before being sent to reduce the file size and limit the upload size.

This app is particularly useful if you know you’re going to take a photo and want to save it to Evernote. Eliminates having to select note format and the extra steps involved.

Voice2Note – Voice2Note, a service from Dial2Do, automatically converts the first 30 seconds of any newly-created audio note into text that is easily searchable for future reference.

For some reason the recording option hasn’t really caught on with me. I’m still someone who prefers to type in my notes. Perhaps it’s the past experience of having recordings that don’t transcribe properly? Well, I might want to try this out and see how it goes.

Burpple – There was a shoutout to the Burrple team too, I guess there’s some parallels we can draw with Evernote Food and Burpple. It’s just Burpped its way to the App store as well. Go and try it out!

Why the Evernote Platform?

Troy did a run-through with the platform and shared about how the Evernote Trunk acts as a promotional tool by featuring your product. Not a bad thing if you can get exposed to more than 20 million users, coupled with the fact that Evernote users are growing by more than 60,000 a day.

Judging Criteria for Evernote Devcup

Evernote Judging Criteria for is centred around 2 key areas: (1) What you did with the API (2) How it’s designed. They want to see the completeness of your product and its design will also play a part in the assessment of the app. Find out more about the judging criteria here: http://devcup.evernote.com/

Evernote Help! 

Creating your app is done in 5 steps:

(1) Create an API key

(2) Download the SDK

(3) Test in Sandbox

(4) Activate key on production

(5) Submit your app to the Evernote dev team.

Evernote’s dev team is also on hand. You can either talk to them via their @evernote_dev Twitter handler or check out the dev forums as well.

Some Resources to Build Your App

The Evernote team also invited some other folks to share more about possible resources developers could consider.

Eugene from Microsoft introduced the Metro UI that Microsoft is using and gave us a preview of Windows 8. Looking pretty spiffy! ;P

Peter from Amazon also shared about Amazon Web Services and talked about how Instagram scaled with only 3+1 engineers. You guessed it, the fourth engineer was AWS!

Of course, there’s no event without some swag, and Amazon Web Services will be following up with some free offers for attendees and we’re also getting 3 months free Evernote premium subscription! Ahem. I’m already a premium user and I totally love the offline function when I head overseas and don’t have the Internet.

It was a really awesome session, even though I’m not a developer, I got to know some awesome apps and also other supporting services that help power Evernote apps. For someone working in the tech industry, Evernote is definitely one company to look out for. They sure ain’t kidding when they want to build a 100 year old company.

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