Coding is the closest thing we have to a superpower right now

I’ve started to learn coding! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve been greatly encouraged by Bryan.

It’s a magical world man!

How I’m learning:

  • I’m spending at least 2-3 hours every evening reading up and compiling / debugging code
  • I’m using online tutorials and writing out the code (by the way I’m learning objective-c and using the Xcode compiler)
  • Searching for help online so that I can figure things out myself before asking for help – Stackoverflow is an incredibly powerful resource.
  • Tracking my progress with Evernote
  • Sharing my Trello board/Evernote notes with my mentors to ask for advice/help

What programs I’m using:

  • GitHub – to store my projects
  • Trello – project management
  • Evernote – my diary and note-taking. It also helps me track my progress and helps me to stay disciplined. Also, offline notes is incredibly useful because I can read this during my daily commute, where I sometimes can’t have access to the Internet. [Sample note screenshot below]


Evernote Notebook for Coding

Evernote Notebook for Coding

I’m so excited that I’ve actually managed to create my first Hello World and in fact, being able to debug and figure out your mistake is incredibly rewarding.

One last thing:

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