My Xcode Experience – Day 5 – Property Lists (and no it’s not about HDB)

It’s been almost one week of daily coding! How fast time flies.

I’ve just completed tutorial 6 & 7 today and learnt about dealing with table data in a more straightforward way using Property Lists and adding Splash Screens.

I had a lot of challenges dealing with the different arrays in the implementation file actually. When I was trying to double check if I had typed everything in according to the tutorial, I had to type them in one by one. It was difficult!

Now with property lists, it does make my life a lot easier.

So what does it do?

Property lists—frequently referred to as “plists”—offer a uniform and architecture-independent means of organizing, storing, and accessing data for Mac apps.

source: Apple Developer Documentation

So in ningspeak, you can store your content in a far more human-friendly manner and edit it independently of the code. I guess it’s a kinda of modularity that you use in programming which helps you isolate data. At the same time, it will be easier to edit!

I was also quite excited by splash screens! It’s the loading page of your app when you first open it. Was pretty excited when I realised I could finally create a splash screen! It was quite a magical experience to see it load hehehehe!

But it did also make me think – how does your device cater to different splash screens? Ie the image dimensions of an iphone 4 v iphone 5 are different, so you need to have 2 different images, and not even mentioning the different displays (retina anyone?)

I asked and this is what Kong explained,

The splash screen files use a name convention, just set the correct file name. Default.png, Default@2x.png (retina) and Default-568h.png (iOS 5)

*lightbulb moment*

  • SO Default.png – iphone 4
  • Default@2x.png – iphone 4 in retina
  • and Default-568h.png – iphone 5

and you get the idea!

More background on name conventions here.

Quite amazed at coding – imagine how much the creators had to think when creating the language.

Hoping to complete Tutorial 8&9 this weekend!

Find out about the 30 day Challenge here.

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