D-Day aka Demo Day – Culmination of my 30 Days App Challenge

Splash Screen

It was Demo Day finally! After 30 days, I finally got a chance to put my app together and run during our final presentation!

So my app idea (somewhat vague) was to run some app that allowed me to store photos. Hopefully it could have Evernote integration one day but that will be another story….!

Some screenshots below:

Log In Page

Log In Page

First Uploaded Image

First Uploaded Image

 Presentation Notes: http://goo.gl/Hg5m4

I was quite pleased by my progress actually. Managed to integrate Parse into the backend and also had fun trying to work out the UI. As you can see, my UI is actually very minimalist. The fun part about creating/designing your app is that you actually get to do it just the way you like it. An app designed by me, just for me 😛

I was also super impressed by everyone else who attended. We had the few brave ones who managed to pull together our apps for the final push! Some of the apps had a practical application to them, one of them was especially funny (guys would love it), but really, you should be there to see it. We all made so much progress in 30 days and actually had functioning apps! I’m really proud of every one who presented!

So after 30 days of coding, what have I learnt?

  • Tutorials make a good starting point. The ones I reference were really helpful because they were practical and hands-on. I learnt a lot by recreating the projects and applying it to my app.
  • You have to persevere, especially coming from a non-technical background. Staring at lines of code is no joke, but you  feel a sense of accomplishment if you run a build and it works.
  • Borrow code. I personally feel that especially when you’re starting out, it’s okay to borrow some code. What’s important is to understand why and how it’s written. At some point, you’ll be able to write the code yourself, but in the meantime, it’s okay to pick up some pro tips!
  • Document your work. I found Evernote super useful but you can use anything which makes sense. I clipped Tutorials/Forums/Articles I read and made notes on my learning points. I also used Skitch to document my progress and annotate my work. It makes for excellent reference.
  • The coaches are invaluable. I was lucky to have Kong, Daniel, Steve and Lucas, among other helpful coaches, and my classmates as well. We had a lot of fun in class and online, and the coaches especially helped to break it down into easy, digestible pieces of info.
  • GITHUB – store you code somewhere. So my laptop (almost crashed) on me and I didn’t save it somewhere! Rest assured I’m gonna be storing it on github.
  • And most importantly, I can code (a little) now! I’m one small step to becoming a builder! 

Finally, I recall a famous quote by a certain Famous Person. It’s been something that I’ve been slowly learning and internalising perhaps subconsciously.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.  

and I won’t ever stop learning.

Appcoda: http://www.appcoda.com/ios-programming-course/ I am learning from their tutorials.
Ray Wenderlich: http://www.raywenderlich.com/tutorials Some basic tutorials, coupled with more advanced content
Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/ Super awesome q&a community for programmers

UI Inspiration: 
Pttrns: http://pttrns.com/ Good to pick up and learn from live apps

Xcode Documentation: 
iOS Developer Library: http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/navigation/ Documentation, documentation, documentation
Xcode: https://developer.apple.com/xcode/ Where all the coding magic happens!

Note-taking Tools: 
Evernote: http://evernote.com/ Awesome app for remembering stuff
Skitch: http://evernote.com/skitch/ Great visual aid for note-taking and screencapturing

Github: https://github.com/ For code management, a lifesave for code!  

Web Backend:
Parse: http://www.parse.com/ Pretty idiot-proof and also because many of the tutorials I read used Parse (easier to integrate and more help)
Windows Azure: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/ Another one which I haven’t explored yet, but worth considering 

30d Challenge App: http://30d.me/ Special thanks to Kong!

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