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just parse-ing by

Wow, it’s been almost four weeks since I started coding! Been neglecting this space for a bit (sorry Bryan! I know I was supposed to update this at least once a week) but in my defence, I was busy coding 😛 I’ve been working on an app that helps me remember events/occasions and I’ve gotten […]

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My Xcode Experience – Day 3 – where square brackets aren’t just normal brackets

I have been busily attending xcoding classes and programming faithfully every night for 2 hours this past week. This Wednesday, we had Daniel, Steve and Kong (of course) explaining many basic concepts that most programmers probably take for granted, such as ‘variable’, ‘class’, ‘subclass’. We also had some programming exercises to explain operators and concepts […]

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My Xcode Experience – Day 1

Programming is not a skill, it’s a habit! Give yourself a challenge for a minimum of 30 days to build your habit. This is the challenge that Kong issued us at our first meetup on Monday. A group of 20 keen learners and mentors met at Blk 71 to start our iOS coding journey. We’ve […]

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