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My Xcode Experience – Day 1

Programming is not a skill, it’s a habit! Give yourself a challenge for a minimum of 30 days to build your habit. This is the challenge that Kong issued us at our first meetup on Monday. A group of 20 keen learners and mentors met at Blk 71 to start our iOS coding journey. We’ve […]

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css doesn’t work very well in email newsletters

As part of my work, we send our email newsletters and beyond the simple/basic formatting that I used to handle before, I’ve decided that I should pick up HTML through my work! And while debugging the current HTML with The Husband, we wondered for the longest time why the previous person who handled it did […]

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Starting my HTML journey (again)

The first brush I had with HTML was when I was in Secondary 1, where for one term (? I think it was one term), we started picking up HTML and programming simple (yes, very simple pages) to introduce something that interested us. At that point, the one game that I was completely obsessed with […]

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